Technical Due Diligence

Assessing technical risks and mitigation strategies, developing a credible plan to translate core technology into real product

Product/Technical Design & Development

Prototyping around core technology as proof of feasibility demonstrators, system engineering based on product specifications, including user experience (UX) for product/technical development, addressing gaps in technical documentation

Electronics Design

PCB design and development, digital and analog circuits, user centric approach; whether starting from scratch or making initial prototypes for technology validation and testing before moving to the next iterations, or further developing an existing prototype for transfer to manufacture - we can take you through prototyping stages with in-house expertise

Mechanical Design

AutoCAD, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, injection moulding, high value manufacturing, efficient control systems, mechanical automation

Software Engineering

Safety critical software for medical devices, basic & system level user interface (UI), cost effective software interfaces

Verification & Validation Testing

In accordance with qualified/relevant regulatory bodies - medical expert body of knowledge, FDA’s acceptable test methods, accelerated product life testing – fit for purpose

Human Factors

Formal human factors studies mandated by regulatory bodies (in partnership), user centric approach

Design Transfer

Selection of contract manufacturer (CM) and transfer of designs to manufacturing

Research Collaboration

We are always keen to work with innovative companies to produce high quality research outcomes, work together for funding bids, as service provider and/or subcontractor

Other Consultation

In addition to services to MedTech organizations, we are happy to assist VCs, accelerators, grant awarding bodies, and healthcare provider innovation programs